Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"My Favorite" Challenge

I did a layout for this week's Gypsy challenge.  We were to use 3 elements from our favorite cartridge, one from our least favorite and weld something.  I have a difficult time picking a favorite, and since I've done so much with Create a Critter lately, I decided to try another.  My elements(sun, frames, curvy lines that are welded to the frames) came from the Wild Card cart.  This is another cart that has TONS of elements that can be used on cards as well as layouts.  I still claim that Plantin Schoolbook is my least favorite, but the more I force myself to use it, the more I realize how versatile it is.  I welded two waves together to make the border at the bottom of the page, and also used it to create the "mosaic" tiles.  I'm going to add some crystal laquer to the sun to make them more tile like, but I couldn't find it today.  The word art was created by welding the letters from Mickey Font.

Now, a little background about the layout.  This was a family trip to Six Flags back in 2000.  My son was just under 3 years old, and seeing the waterslide insisted on going.  Now, mind you, this is the "kiddie" slide that he's standing in front of.  I got in line with him and at the top was told I couldn't go down with him.  I tried to convince him not to go but he had his heart set on it.  As soon as he started down the slide, he fell back and was quickly flipped onto his belly by a curve.  He rolled back and forth all the way down.  I was horrified that I couldn't help him, and ran to the bottom to comfort him as soon as I could.  He got out of the water and was covered in scratches.  Poor thing...hasn't been on another waterslide since (and he's 12 1/2 now).

He came in while I was putting this layout together and told me he remembered the whole thing.  He swears the guy at the top PUSHED him down the slide, and can't get over the fact that he would do that, lol.


  1. I can imagine how you felt! I have a very stubborn daredevil son (now 20) and I held my breath for years!!

    Very cute LO! I like it both ways ~ green or blue!!

  2. This is a great LO..... see you on the MB.....